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Tanya Hutchens


Tanya Hutchens is a wholehearted altruist and residing in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Dedicating a great portion of her energy and focus toward community service and involvement, Tanya Hutchens is a generous contributor of hundreds of local and national charities. Tanya Hutchens is an openhanded contributor to hundreds of local and national charities, including the SPCA of Ontario, MS Society of Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society, and Renascent Foundation. In addition to her sponsorship, Tanya Hutchens also volunteers training women in self-defense across her local community. Apart from her community service efforts, Tanya Hutchens spent more than a decade serving as a highly experienced paralegal and President of Gold Star Legal Services in Toronto. From 1992 until 2004, Tanya Hutchens gained valuable professional practice handling a mass of multifaceted legal cases. Tanya Hutchens gained permission to appear before the Divisional Court of the Court of Appeal, where she represented thousands of tenants in landlord and tenant disputes. While she focused on many issues representing the public at Small Claims Court, Traffic Court, and Family Court, some of Tanya Hutchens’ strongest work was on behalf of women’s shelters and their residents in search of aid in critical family law matters. Throughout her tenure, Tanya Hutchens’ work helped hundreds of abused women obtain sole custody of their children and implement restraining orders against their violent partners. Furthermore, Tanya Hutchens joined The Paralegal Association of Canada at the Cory Commission as a supporting member, where she assisted in a matter concerning the licensing of paralegals in the Province of Ontario. Hutchens’ efforts helped devise an agreement on a plan to regulate the province's independent paralegal industry. Tanya Hutchens obtains distinction of having 12 reported decisions in the Ontario Court of Justice, including the Landlord and Tenant Board in the province of Ontario.