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Mel & Blossom

Mel & Blossom are Talented Bitches! What happens when the United States’ most hilarious human/canine comedy team moves south of the border? For Mel & Blossom, it’s a culture clash of constant discovery, occasional confusion and genuine comedy gold. With a style that can best be described as ‘Punk Rock meets A Dog’s Life’, these two Talented Bitches are fast becoming the most unique and best-loved entertainers in the Yucatan. They are also the most intentionally funny gringas in the Yucatan, as drunken sorority girls who walk face-first into Cancun phone poles do not count. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mel got her start producing ‘The Hardcore Comedy Show’, an all-female underground response to traditionally male-dominated stand-up that soon became the city’s premiere comedy showcase. After two years of her own success at Milwaukee’s open-mic nights, Mel and her Boston Terrier sidekick began performing in major comedy venues throughout Canada, the Southeast and the Midwest. In 2010, Mel & Blossom decided to trade brats & beers for tacos & tequila by moving to Merida, Mexico, instantly becoming the only professional English-speaking comedians in the entire Mayan Riviera. In between not knowing the language, never quite being sure what they just ordered for lunch, and learning to drive around circulos without major vehicular carnage, Mel & Blossom managed to spin their adventures into an all-new act. Within months, they established a monthly comedy residency at Merida’s El Templo Bar, where they’ve become must-see entertainment for Merida’s expat community and English speaking tourists. They will soon be taking their act on the road to bars and clubs in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun and wherever else smart gringos need a laugh. Mel can deliver her comedy act in ‘Clean’, ‘Slightly Adult’ and ‘Really, Really Adult. No, Seriously, You’ve Been Warned’ versions. The same cannot be said for Blossom, who has been known to wriggle out of her custom-made skirts and strapless evening gowns for a cheap laugh. Again, you’ve been warned.