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"I owe everything that I am or will ever be to my angel Mother"..-Abraham Lincol

I have been in the entertainment business for (let's say, more than a couple of decades). Don't want to age myself too much. I have booked many actors and actresses in TV shows, major motion pictures, TV commercials, hundreds and hundreds of major musical concerts around the globe with numberous big name entertainers and have also had my own literary department in my Burbank office that was quite busy. I am somewhat settled down and taking it a bit easy in Kansas City, MO away from all the hustle and smog. I like it right now. I was an entertainment director of a major Las Vegas Strip Hotel/Casino and even managed a very large bank in the country. At my age, (whatever that is) I have even put my time in online to get my Ph.D. at a major university with but 16 credits left to finish and I'm kind of sick of it. I find I really don't need it. I dabble still in the talent business and this website appeals to me because of the people to people interreaction between so many in so many areas. It looks like it will be fun to check it out for awhile. I wish you all the very best regardless of what we think or agree to or disagree to. That's America is it not? Here is another quote I kind of like; 'A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.' -Thomas Jefferson Incidentally, the URL I have listed herein as my personal website is merely there for a couple more months and then I'll put my real website up here for all to see.