Sycamore Street Studios

Is gonna give this "Funny or Die" thing a shot.

Sycamore Street Studios Sycamore Street Studios

Four of the greatest amateur film makers in the history of Shamokin share their vision with you. See Super Heroes who are really Super Zeroes! See Alien Basketballs take over a Catholic school! See guns, violence, sex, air hocky, and wanton criminal activity, all from the comfort of your computer chair! IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Tom Peeler - Taking English and Film at Penn State. Does a little bit of everything. Afraid of Nicolas Cage's hair. Matt Schell - Proud Father. Never delivers the same lines twice. Tied with Josh Yeager for most acting Wilbur's. Uses Burt's Bee's frequently Steve Valanoski - Escaped from high school with most of his dignity/sanity intact. Without question, he is the Peter Jackson of his generation. Josh Yeager - Guitar Hero hero. Resident stunt man. Star of the critically acclaimed Hocky trilogy. Once posed for Playgirl