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Sycamore Street Studios

Is gonna give this "Funny or Die" thing a shot.

Four of the greatest amateur film makers in the history of Shamokin share their vision with you. See Super Heroes who are really Super Zeroes! See Alien Basketballs take over a Catholic school! See guns, violence, sex, air hocky, and wanton criminal activity, all from the comfort of your computer chair! IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Tom Peeler - Taking English and Film at Penn State. Does a little bit of everything. Afraid of Nicolas Cage's hair. Matt Schell - Proud Father. Never delivers the same lines twice. Tied with Josh Yeager for most acting Wilbur's. Uses Burt's Bee's frequently Steve Valanoski - Escaped from high school with most of his dignity/sanity intact. Without question, he is the Peter Jackson of his generation. Josh Yeager - Guitar Hero hero. Resident stunt man. Star of the critically acclaimed Hocky trilogy. Once posed for Playgirl