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Putting a piece of poop in the Coleslaw

I am not a giant mutant blancmange from a planet so odd, only Doctor Who fans can pronounce its name, but I am strange, and I like peanuts... especially honey roasted peanuts. I have been making films, music and a mess for about 25 years, but as of yet, I have not had the bionic cajones to go out there and actually seek employment as an actor, producer, musician or fluffer. That will change this year. I know, I said that last year, too, but this year, I mean it. My daughter's gonna need braces, and you just can't afford such things unless you have your own sitcom, or a Golden Globe you can pawn. I like women with small breasts... the smaller the better... They make my hands look big. And remember; Smoking is not bad for you. Hollowing out a tire iron, jamming it into your aorta and playing "Firehose"... now THAT'S bad for you. Watch for more productions coming out of SystemWave FilmWorks over the coming years. Oh, and Christopher; All your bass are belong to us.