Swamp Katz Swamp Katz

Swamp Katz

What is Swamp Katz? Swamp Katz chronicles the exploits of four superhumans brought together by fate-- well, either fate or a mutual desire for fajitas on a given day. These four conscious creatures have banded together to form a crime-fighting (or just fighting) gang called "Swamp Katz." They, personally, are known as Goggles Greek Former craftsman of the gods, Goggles is known for his skills creating and wielding the finest weapons known to several regions of suburban America. Mr. Pink A hulking, hedonistic human with a mysterious past, Mr. Pink is not afraid to put his opinions or his fists in the face of any man or woman or dog or tree or electric fence-- anyone or anything that ever gets fresh with him. Huck Finn An innocent, free-spirited man-child whom the Swamp Katz must keep ever in check, lest he swallow the paint thinner in the bottom cabinet. The Mathematician Stoic, logical, and omnipotent, the Mathematician will never reveal what he is truly thinking, or what third-world country suffers as a result of each thought. He is followed by a mysterious stranger... So, then, what is Swamp Katz? All you can do now is watch and see...