Suzy and Duddy Suzy and Duddy

Suzy and Duddy

Duddy, we're not in Minnesota anymore!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!! It's SUZY & DUDDY!! Suzy and Duddy, the folks that brought you The Suzy & Duddy Show, the Midwest travelogue with miles of smiles and big helpings of homespun how-to, are now taking on New York City! Way to go, Suzy and Duddy! With their trademark thumbs’ up, former St. Paul beauty queen (that’s Suzy) and retired minor league pitcher (that’s Duddy) explore the city that never sleeps – from the magnificence of Manhattan Mall to rustic old Harlem, from hot dog haute cuisine to bodega buffets, from the sparkle of Times Square to the sparkle of Chelsea. And everywhere in-between! Better refill your Metrocards, Suzy and Duddy! They’ll show you how to find the 7 train, when not to cross the street, and answer the age-old questions “Why is that man urinating?” and “Where is Bronx?” Join Suzy and Duddy (of The Suzy & Duddy Show), their boozy Brit producer and his socially-challenged one-man crew, as they take a big bite out of the Big Apple. It’s sooo juicy, Duddy and Suzy! Suzy and Duddy! Suzy & Duddy! The Suzy & Duddy Show! Whatever you call it, it’s online! Google it, don’t Yahoo it – now! Starring Ashley Wren Collins, Nick Basta, Dan Domingues and David Lavine. Directed by Fritz Brekeller. Written by Joanna Miles-Basta and the ensemble. Theme song music by Dan Shore, vocals by Ryan Carey.