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have been looking for a holiday for ages and where did I end up Iin not so sunny

Have been professional Stage Manager on the London fringe theatre cicuit since 1989. I started at the famous Kings Head Thetare in Islington and worked with many famous people, (right at the start of my career), including, Linda Marlowe, Susannah York, Jean Marsh, Anthony Newley, Dervla Kirwan, Sam West, and many others. I have a professional profile on I have never done stand up comedy although I have written a number of comic sketches, one is called Dog is God Spelt Backwards, which was written for a dear actress friend of mine whom Ive lost touch with. I have two daughters and 3 grandchildren and I live on the South Coast and I am still seeking theatre work. I write songs and play guitar. My favorite musician is Mike Oldfield, closely followed by Carlos Santana and Stev Vai.Have also been writing and composing a lot of songs, some comedy ones )0(

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