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Sunny Day TV ~ Brightening your day since 2011. Our current project, "The Beautiful Life" is a series that chronicles the lives of the zany contestants of the Miss California Pageant. Jessica is a strong, smart, independent wild child. She believes that pageants are the root of all evil, which is unfortunate since her roommate Lauren who is a dimwitted, self described pageant princess that mixes a holier than thou attitude with big hair. Lauren's arrogance is only outdone with her lack of ability to think critically. Another contestant, Eden a lover, not a fighter. She may dabble in some illegal substances, luckily there aren't mandatory drug tests to compete in the Pageant. Crystal aka Miss Silicon Valley has been doing pageants since she was 5 years old. She is here for the crown and she will stop at nothing to win. And the title, well, it says it all.... Stay tuned to see these characters and more as they are throw bosom deep into the craziness that is the pageant world.