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Subletdowns Web Series

One couple living with Multiple Personalities

Subletdowns is an edgy comedy that is by no means appropriate for network television. The show follows a couple, Ruben and Jamie, played by the show's writers/creators Robert M. Martinez and Mimi Vasser and their reliably funny bff's Bill and Tiffany, played by Chris Labrum and Ariel Johns. In order to help pay rent, they begin to sublet their spare room. In the process they meet people from all walks of life, as only a city like Los Angeles can provide. The show's cast is rounded out by an incredible compilation of hilarious actors who's improv takes the show to a much higher level than your ordinary scripted show. This scrappy new comedy doesn't conform to the usual television stereotypes of what lead actors should look like and act like. Subletdowns is a reflection on what society really is today, a fucked up hodge podge of people from different races, backgrounds, countries, and sexual orientations all having to live and deal with each other while trying to make it in life. This is not for the politically correct or those without a sense of humor. Because life is not politically correct and isn't worth living without comedy.