STORE FRONT the sitcom STORE FRONT the sitcom

STORE FRONT the sitcom


STORE FRONT is a half hour TV/Webisode about five people struggling to get rich, be famous, find love, themselves, and have fun in a STORE that isn’t quit right. This STORE has been various types of stores over the years - convenience store, skateboard shop, video store, and more but is now a MUSIC STORE Store. Customers may show up, sometimes thinking it’s one of the old stores. Our pilot episode begins with rumors that a VENTURE CAPITALIST will visit the store soon, but will not identify him or herself as such. It could be any customer that enters the place. Which places the STORE OWNER on edge. Our STORE OWNER is a capitalist hippy who’s goal is to franchise his store and make millions. The staff also includes the STOCK BOY who is secretly in love with the pregnant RECEPTIONIST. The DELIVERY MAN is his only competition for her affection. No one knows who or where the father of the RECEPTIONIST unborn child is. CUSTOMERS act as our fifth character and are different for each Webisode, they create the opening inciting incident or make it worst. The DELIVERY MAN doesn't like the STOCK BOY and shows it in various ways. The DELIVERY MAN is also secretly in love with the RECEPTIONIST. In every webisode the STOCK BOY finds a DEAD BODY he gets the RECEPTIONIST to help him hide the body from everyone else. No one knows where or why the dead bodies keep showing up, the STOCK BOY and RECEPTIONIST secretly suspect each other, it’s all very mysterious, is it a curse, or good old fashion murderer? The mystery behind the dead bodies and Keeping them from being discovered is a full time job. Not unlike “Lost”, we will never be certain if this store is reality, a dream, or another dimension that has trapped these five characters into this Bi-Weekly drama Webisode vortex. Who and how will someone die this week and what these characters do is what will keep us tuning into “STORE FRONT”.