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Stinky Burger Productions

is gonna be funny or die tryin'.

STINKY BURGER productions specializes in short films and webseries. We're a group of dudes who love working together nearly as much as we love doing nothing together. And we really love doing nothing together. And alone, too, it's a thing. MEMBERS PAT SHAND Founder/writer/director/actor. He has short stories published in literary magazines, and his plays have been read in front of live audiences in Molloy College and at the Spoon Theatre in NYC. This crazy Irish bastard plans on taking ahold of the world by its Earthly balls. He may or may not be evil. CHRIS HALTON Founder, actor, director. ANTHONY FICARO Founder/Actor/Graphic designer. Anthony stars in Whatz Good Studios, designs posters and promos, and produces other films. STEVEN WISNOWSKI Actor, writer. DAN NESTOR Writer/PA/fluffer. His side job of a plus-sized model makes him the 2nd most beautiful member of the team, exceeded only by Pat.