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Steve McC

LA TiMES / American Film Institute/ Canada MTV -Much Music acclaimed comedian. Judges* Pick- DooDahSomest 2007- Los Angeles comic Gender & Race Tolerance surf day, benefitting SurfRider Foundation NBC telecast on Rock N America, Canada telecast on Much Music. Comic stunt in TapeHeads feature rock comedy. College Oscars national finalist - from Colorado State Fort Collins. Made films & videos thru Rochester NY Cinemedia & West Hollywood- EZTV Video Gallery. Showed films to live music in Aspen at Lower East Side Gallery and at UCLA International Student Center. Influenced by Buster Keaton, Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Robert Klein, Carlin, et al See listing on IMDb, LAST.FM has Steve*s original music, in artist put Steve McCambridge Steve*s comic art rock Christmas video, his Billy Idol Christmas parody- DANCING WiTH MY ELF telecast annually on Much Music, & is on YouTube Heart disease & cancer survivor as of summer 2013 AFTRA & ASCAP member