Stephen Montezz Kinzer Stephen Montezz Kinzer

Stephen Montezz Kinzer

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Stephen Montezz Kinzer Made A Debut on August 2, 1983 At The age of 4 Stephen Grandfather Thomas K Vaugh Died At 67 at The Age of 6 Stephen Went to HighLand Park Elementary School in 1989-1994 Withnorne Junior High School 1994- 1997 And Columbia Central High School 1997-2001 He Dance At the Pep Rally At 14 Years He Started Dance ing During Ninth Grade at 17 Stephen Was Abducted to Homecoming Pagent for Crowning Ashley Hodge as A HomeComing Queen in CHS Back In September And Finally Stephen Won The Best School Sprit in Central At His Pep Rally Year Stephen Enroll to Tennessee Rehabilitation Center took his Janitoral Class in 2005 March 5, Stephen Love His Heavenly job At The COlumbia Goodwill Store Stephen Favorite Supervisor is And Stephen Volunteer at Senior Citizens Does His Meal On Wheel Every Thursday