stepcorrect stepcorrect


hey, if you hate America's Best Dance Crew, here's your chance to laugh. Check

"Step Correct" is written, created, and produced by Raf Esparza and Adam Monteilh and follows the fictional journey of a North Hollywood-based dance crew as they audition for a popular dance battle competition. Raf and Adam have been writing for as long as they can collectively can remember and have resolved to continue working together on scripts until they no longer prove monetarily beneficial. In his spare time, Raf enjoys laughing at the expense of others, doing Nic Cage’s taxes, and occasionally throwing a compliment in your general direction when you least expect it. Adam was a child prodigy who was offered the chance to skip through grade school entirely, but declined in favor of a normal upbringing because he didn’t want to miss out on years of being able to hang it over the heads of his classmates. You should watch their show. They’d watch yours if you had one.