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Good Morning Justin Bieber (:

My name is Steffanie Michelle. (: I love my life the way it is and the people in it. My dream has always been to become a national cheerleader or singer. I have been cheering for 8 years. My cheerleading hero is definately Abigail Klein from the Dallas Cowboys, she is amazing. I do hope to meet her someday. I'm insanely in love with Justin Bieber. He has the voice of an angel. He knows how to get to a girls heart even when he's not trying too. He deserved to be where he is today. One of my BIGGEST goals in life is seriously to meet him. I don't care if I'm 50 when I meet him, one way or another I will meet him. Other than that...I have 6 other brothers and sisters. Which are.... My dad- 42 Step-Mom- 36 Kristin- 21 Brittney- 18 Mikal- 16 Morgan- 16 Me- 13 Mason- 12 Tylor- 10 I do have a big family and all of you are probably thinking how crazy and hectic it is in our house but really everyone gets along together some what. Though my hero out of everyone is my 16 year old sister Morgan. ( She inspires me in so many different ways. When she says she believes I can reach my goal into becoming a national cheerleader...I feel like I can seriously do anything. Her dream is to become an actress. I remind her everyday of how she will become an actress and there's no doubt. She has wanted to become an actress for..I can't even remember. We are inseperable. We do everything together. It makes me feel so good when my friends tell me they wish they had a sister like Morgan because I feel so grateful I have her in my life..To look up to and to be my inspiration. She is the one I always come to first when I'm having problems or need advice or just wanna talk to someone. She is always there when my friends walk out on me and that's what I love most about her. She is not only my hero,But she's also my inspiration, My role model, my idol, my best friend...and my other half. ( I love you Morgan. ( For more information on me go to.... Thanks and keep checking in for more videos, pictures, comments and moree. ( Thanks for all your support. -Steffanie Michelle Lewis. ( <3