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Stag is an independent film production company based in Los Angeles CA specializing in industrial, promotional and feature films. Best known for the co-producing the outrageous modern cult classic "Pervert!", Stag has also been gaining notice for its comedy shorts and music videos. Stag has contributed its weird and wild footage to works seen on Budweiser's promo web venture Bud.TV, Comedy Central and the upcoming "Carpet Brothers" starring Will Ferrell and created by Matt Piedmont. With a new sci-fi comedy feature entitled "Sex Galaxy" making the scene at film festivals around the world, Stag is a proud pioneer of the 'green movie,' a technique using recycled stock and public domain footage to create something new and extremely wild. We've also ventured into the brave new world of 'video text messages' combining the newest and oldest of funky technology. That's kind of what Stag is all about. Take a look at our work and feel free to contact us if you'd like a film custom made for your company or website. Love, The Good People at Stag