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I'm very ambitious and when I take over the world...everyone will laugh at me. Aside from that I love a great laugh. What can be better...ok wait, don't answer that. Anyway I am a huge fan of myself...probably the biggest I'd say...perhaps the only. Uh...other interests would include sports, art, business...uh getting rich as possible with as minimal sacrifices as I can. Is that possible? Someone send me an email on that. I haven't done much research. I like a lot of crap that can not be confined to this small caption box, I do have some dis-likes as well...but per "court order" I can't express those thoughts nor can I act out on them anymore...they say that it's for the best. You know the funny thing is they say that I'm the one with a problem, yet your sick ass just read this whole profile about a total stranger. GO GET SOME HELP...I did. Holla. -Spy

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