Jt Taylor Jt Taylor

Jt Taylor

Heelying on the edge.

Jt taylor was born in new orleans. he hates capital letters. he has brown eyes and sometimes fake blue eyes. his twitter name is Jt31. he likes peach tea. he owns a pair of heelys. he is using himself in the third person as he types this. he was going to type this bit about being named phoenix thunder, but decided to change his name. he just realized he can say anything about himself right now and sound cool. he's built like matthew mcconaughey, only ten times better. he is mastered in all forms of fighting like drunken boxing, tae kwon do, kung fu, jin jit su, animal fighting, and break dance fighting. he rescued a small baby from a burning building once. he sleeps but 20 minutes out of the day. he once fought a bear and beat the bear up. he dates nothing but supermodels. he is currently dating no one because he is teaching himself patience when it comes to sex. he swears that none of this is made up. he thanks you for watching his videos.