Strayedup & Prhymetime

SpaZZaTTacK was formed in 2003 when founding members Strayedup & Prhymetime met in a Jazz history class. After discussing music at great length, one thing was clear; the two shared a rare and common love for music that most other people also thought was pretty good. The rest was history. Jazz history, actually, which was pretty boring. Billed as the "first band ever with a Director", SpaZZaTTacK consists of Prhymetime, who writes jokes and plays guitar, and Strayedup, a producer/director that also manages the band, plays MacBook, and sings back-up. SpaZZaTTacK is truly the brainchild of Strayedup, who after presenting the idea to Prhymetime, proceeded to talk about it more. Thus, ideas were discussed and a conversation was had. This was the start of something verbal. After several other discussions, meetings were had, and a concept was introduced. At this point the idea of a band began to start crossing our minds. It was like an instant flash... all of the sudden, without any hesitation, SpaZZaTTacK was born. Flirting briefly with the concept of being "the only band with no songs", SpaZZaTTacK soon realized people had an innate thirst for music, one that would drive them to want to listen to it in order to quench that thirst. It was like a hunger, but different. It was a thirst. One night, after watching several hours of CSPAN, Prhymetime realized something else people love to laugh. There is a basic truth in the fact that people are usually just happy if they aren't angry or otherwise feeling a different emotion than happiness. After spending several months in seclusion, pondering the significance of this, and what it meant for SpaZZaTTAcK as a band, Strayt and Prhyme realized something revolutionary... it was time to do what no one had ever done before... combine music and humor into one new form of multi-media entertainment... ...humorous music. The rest is history.