spase spase


It's cold in here, where's my T-shirt!?!

Contrary to popular belief, spase is not anti-matter, which is to say that spase DOES matt, er... There are no periods here, period An ellipse is not three periods but rather an ellipse, period Nobody hurts my locker The first "Emergency Contact" number in my phone is 911, just in case I am found unconscious by a compleat retard, which, judging by my hobbies and the folks with whom I associate, is highly probable to inevitable; Plus, if my girlfriend get's one more call from San Francisco General she will probably come down there to make sure I never make it out again I only have three friends and one of them is my left testicle Not counting genitals I have no friends I am way funnier drunk, until suddenly I am no longer related to that guy on the videotape I have quit quitting 46 times, not counting the time I gave up on giving in


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