SparksAndSpencers SparksAndSpencers


You think you've seen funny? Well these two really are something else...

With a combined experience of more than 15 years on the stage and having appeared in no fewer than 32 productions (and counting!), James Spark and Michael Spencer are self confessed experts at making complete idiots of themselves for public amusement. Having both dabbled in amateur dramatics for longer than can be considered healthy (Spencer having made his first appearance at the tender age of 11. They painted him green. He’s never fully recovered), this dynamic duo is a theatrical force to be reckoned with. The pair got together for the first time on stage in the pantomime Humpty Dumpty (West Walls Theatre, 2003). But it wasn’t until 2005, two full years later, that they were combined to form the hilarious and award winning (Well, one day. Maybe.) partnership that spawned the (without a hint of hyperbole;) legendary double act of Sparks and Spencers. PRAISE FOR SPARKS AND SPENCERS “Carlisle’s amateur dramatics dynamic duo...” Kate Rees - News and Star “A hoot” Julie Watson - News and Star “A sexy double act” Julie Watson - News and Star “[S+S] Unsurprisingly stole the show...” Kate Rees - Cumberland News “Had me laughing out loud...” Kelly Eve - Cumberland News “With their combined wit and sheer enthusiasm for the randomness they both spout, Sparks and Spencers make an unstoppable comic duo, clearly about to take the British comedy world by storm." Pam - Youtube Critic