Space Barbarians Productions

Space Barbarians Productions Space Barbarians Productions

Space Barbarians Productions is a collection of artists,filmakers and composers that was founded in 2010 by Matt Kollar,Timmy Red and Alie Nelson. The group has now grown to at least a dozen young and talented individuals that are dedicated to making films that can be commercially sucessfull without losing artistic integrity. Matt Kollar, the head of Space Barbarians Productions has been making his own movies ever since he could get his young and pasty hands on his parents video camera. In 2011 Matt got his first industry job on Bobcat Goldthwait's dark comedy "God Bless America" where he began by picking up trash and mopping up baby blood for the movie. Evidentally the director liked his moxie so much that he promoted him to help edit the picture and then to do the original score! During this time Matt was also growing his skills as a filmmaker by making creative and bizarre health PSA's for The Health Entertainment Network, a site created by the innovative medical company Since "God Bless America" Matt has contracted himself out as a filmmaker and composer, while still working on various scripts and scheming about future projects. Now in 2013, Kollar and Space Barbarians Productions are ready to make their mark on the industry by creating and producing original and innovative content!