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A confessional inside the sorority Delta-Omega-Rho-Kappa-Sigma House, captures the sisters at their best...and worst. THE SISTERS --------------------------------------- PRESIDENT JANE- After an embarrassing "incident" last year, I model my sorority after a ship, and I it's captain. I expect people to give 100% to the sisterhood. BETHANY- I'm forced to be in this sorority, and I pretty much hate everything. MARY- w9asdjigat. ..s !? PLEX- I love my sisters almost as much as I love Star Trek and Star Wars. AMELIA- I took a vow of silence before school started. No one listens to me. This show is written, directed, produced and edited by: Caitlyn Larimore -------------------------------------Music is by: Kevin MacLeod ( **All intellectual property is copyright Caitlyn Larimore 2009**