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SocialStudies (/?s???(?)l/?st?dis/): The study of how people live, interact, and function in a society. DC is many things to many people, but more than anything else, DC is its people. LivingSocial’s DC city blog, SocialStudies, aims to explore the curious facets that connect us as a city while surprising and delighting the bejeezus out of you. We post Spotlight features that showcase the unique sights, sounds, and stories of the those who bring DC’s DNA to life—all while unbuttoning the city’s buttoned-up reputation. But there’s a lot more to us than that We host daily Win This competitions where we’ll post your best prose and pictures, with the winner snagging the day’s Daily Deal. We’ll also post a morning roundup of our take on the day’s newsworthy happenings in and around the Beltway under SocialSmarts, as well as give you excuses to clock out of work early under Play Hooky. There’s even going to be a rotating Daily Dose of music playlists, weekend highlights, and cultural arcana. Whether you have an idea for a Spotlight or just want to drop us a line and get to know us, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a note. We have a great personality.