Ruben Shaw Ruben Shaw

Ruben Shaw

is not fond of the attitude of this parsnip

Ruben Shaw, as well as being an origional member of british comedy troop Stupid O'Clock, is also the founder and primary Director of TIPIT Production; a new company dedicated to filming excellence. He has also contributed to Core Magazine over the last three years working on the Games, Films and Gadgets section aka The GFG. Stupid O'Clock is a topical comedy show stacked full of random banter and not for the faint of heart. Promoting the best in new, great and unreleased music throughout the realms of hardcore, hard dance, hardstyle, drum & bass, rock, metal and more! If twisted and depraved school boy humour is your thing and listening to outstanding tunes is your passion, then lock on - just don't let your Mum hear it... and don't have sex with Squirrels, they really don't like it very much.