You'll like these memes if you're a fan of stuff and things and Washington.

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Rick and Ricker

Pretty much.

Damn straight.

Let's find some bikes!

Eugene likes to watch.


A brief history of Rick Grimes

He so would work at an Apple store.

This is confusing.

Choo chooooo!

You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

The only thing he ever says.

Thought she looked familiar!

Arrrrrrrrrr we at the midseason finale yet?

Don't believe the lies!

The only cookbook you need.

Directed by George Lucas

You need special contrast settings on your TV for half the scenes.

Scares kids, attracts senior citizens.

A brief history of Rick Grimes' beard

Surprised this isn't how the season ended.

That's gonna leave a mark.

An angel on top of a Christmas tree



Indawntured servitude

The only answer.

The only politician you can trust.

The other only politician you can trust.


Best picture of the year!

Significant improvement