Well if they ever make a Dreamcast 2 here are some game ideas.
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Published May 29, 2014

Dick Tracy

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FYi their making a new Dick Tracy movie. So f it lets make a game.


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A new Blade video game would be sweet and so would a new Blade movie. Just sayin !

N.W.A Pro Wrestling

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Am telling you right now video game junkies that N.W.A. Pro Wrestling the video game would be best wrestling game of all times ! So do it ! Just do it !

The Adentures of Bayou Billy

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A Bayou Billy from Dreamcast 2 would be a dream come true and hell even a Bayou Billy movie would be sweet !

Battlestar Galactica

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Well since Battlestar Galactica is getting made into a movie lets go all the way and do a new video game.


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Amateur Surgeon meetscrazy taxi.

The Flash

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A new Flash game would be ballin !

Ghosterbusters 3

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Well since the movie is getting made lets do a new Ghostbusters video game.


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Now that would the video game of all video games and you know it bro.

Need for Speed

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One more !

Battle of the Bands

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Same kind of deal as guitar hero and Rock Band but better with better songs and new.

virtual Fighter

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A new virtual fighter for he Dreamcast 2 would be classic !

Virtual Cop

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Now that is a Shooter game for you champ.

Ren and Stimpy

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A new Ren and Stimpy game would be fun. An also Ren and Stimpy adult party needs picked back up for the TV. You know you would watch !

Quantum Leap

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O boy ! Now that's a video game !


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Yeah it would only make for the best video game ever ! An FYi their making a MacGyer movie.

SEGA Sports on Dreamcast 2

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Name a pro sport because SEGA Sports will make it and they will make them very good games.

Stargate SG1

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Now that would be a video game you could crack out on players.

crazy taxi

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A newcrazy taxi on Dreamcast 2 would becrazy !

Earth Worm Jim

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Everyone loves Earth Worm Jim.

Contra 3D

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When am playing a shooter game i like it when i can see the characters the whole time it so much cooler that way. An Contra does that for me. But am telling you Contra 3D make it happen.

Dreamcast 2

Phoxfmzlsiwv6g8rceqr my dreamcast 2 design mk 1 by bromtomley d3jsvlr

Dream can come true.


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