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Check out these cool new ideas for T.V. Shows.
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A Confederacy of Dunces ( RATED T.V. MA )

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A new dark comedy T.V. show totally based off the book ( The book it's on mp3 for free on Youtube if you don't know the book. ) Starring Derek Miller as ignatius J. Reilly.

Arrive Alive ( RATED T.V. MA )

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A dark action packed comedy with lots ofmysteries. X-CopMickey Crews ( Christopher Masterson ) is a drunk ass pothead who is now working as a independent house detective you know a Dick. An his living in a seedy hotel and he gets involved in an investigating the deaths and all kinds other other really f*cked up sh*t from week to week in this comedy An old Mickey Crews has a sidekick in all of this in the one and only Joy Hart ( Natalie Dickinson ) she was a hooker ( because of drugs and a hard up bringing and all that crap ) at the time she and Mickey fail in love. You see Mickey help her out of a jam on a case where a boxer died from an OD when she has having sex him you see. An well after a few time of Mickey getting her off the streets for a few nights romance bloomed between the two an so she became his full time and one and only lover and his sidekick in cracking the most f*cked up cases in the world in sexy and funny ways in this weird ass dark comedy.

So Fine ( Rated T.V. MA )

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Rachel Fine ( Rachel Feinstein ) is single 43 year old women trying to make a steady living working in the entertainment industry doing stand up and acting and really just about welling to do doing any and everything to pay the bills. An she is also forever looking for love in all the wrong places and her so called friends are no help at all. "So this so is like Louie + Seinfeld + Whitney + Legit + Always Sunny + whatever you get the f*cking point and yes funny or die will have a hand in making this t.v show along with Rachel Feinstein herself. An if we could get Rachel Feinstein butt ass naked that would be a big time + and a f in half yo !

The Rich Bitch ( RATED T.V. MA )

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All all out balls to wall comedy that totally makes fun of all the stuck up pain in the ass dumb as rocks self centered trust funded rich bitches in the world like the The sisters Kardashians or The Hilton sisters or any kind of people like that you dig. The make fun room is endless ! So Kendall McDonald ( Nikki Glaser ) and daddy Max McDonald ( Ted Mcginley ) is one of the main owners of McDonald ( or what have you kind of place ) and mom is a trophy wife of a cougar milf mom Nancy McDonald ( Gigi Rice ) that is always there for Kendall in showing her the wrong way in life as she lives it up with her other random super rich friends that she has a endless supply of in life. All out comedy !

My Lithuania mail order bride ( Rated T.V. MA )

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Christian Ford ( David W. Ross ) is adocumentarian funds a Lithuania mail-order bride for his actor friend Neal Locke ( James Van Der Beek ) in exchange for the right to film there relationship 24\7 for reality show. An so the Lithuanian mail order bride named Oksana Rusoff (Živilė Raudonienė aka Aksana) who was a fitness model, bodybuilder and professional wrestler in Lithuanian has giving it all up so she can live out her dream of being an actress in Hollywood so she is coming to America to marry Neal Locke the burn out loser geek kind of guy who is one crappy B list actor that will do anything for work. But lucky for Neal on the lady front old Christian Ford is as gay as it gets with all kinds of boyfriends ! . Boom new hit rom-com sitcom with a dip of drama in the mix.

God the Devil and Bob ( Rated T.V. 14 )

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After 15 year the old N.B.C. animated series is back for season 2 on Adult Swim since Adult Swim did re-air the only season of God the Devil and Bob a few years back Adult Swim would be a good channel for it's come back my friends. ( Can Bob save the world )

The Critic ( RATED T.V PG 14 )

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Makes a come back for season 4 on F.X. ( or F.X.X. or even FOX will do or Hell even Comedy Central or Adult Swim )Jay Sherman is a TV movie critic who is forced to review the most pathetic films to which is he always says "It stinks" for his reviews. In addition to the film parodies, the show also deals with his personal life working his tyrannical media mogul boss and his love-life and family. Just bring it back already !

Man Time ( RATED T.V. MA )

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A show hosted by April Hunter called Man Time that covers all things manly such as sports, cars, music, pro wrestling sex, t.v, movies, comics, comic books, and any and all things man stuff honey ! April Hunter is on the case and will showcase the goods buds. Think of this show as if the Man Show and Last Call with Carson Daly had a baby together and named it MAN TiME ! Now there is Spike T.V. show i would watch 4 nights a week baby ! An am thinking a 1am - 2am time slot for this cool little hour long Monday - Thursday variety show. But any channel in any time slot will do just fine. Now this is a talk show worth watching ever night.

A Priest and a Nun ( Rated T.V. MA )

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A new action packed animation sci fi horror animation cartoon about the Priest Father Jacob Paul and Sister Marry Moore have team up to travel the world fighting off evil of all and all kinds. Am talking possessed people, demons, monsters, aliens, vampires, and supernatural beings of all kinds that come to this Earth with evil intentions but in doing so Sister Marry Moore and Father Jacob Paul fail in love with each other physically as they fight off the evils of this world for us all. ( Also would make for a good live action show or a new 3D movie )

LiFE ( Rated T.V. 14 )

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Becky Johnson ( Abby Elliott ) is a out of work actress who lives with her retarded dad the EX actor himself Eddie Johnson ( Chris Elliott ) as for her mother the EX Actress Lorrie Rogers Johnson passed away in her sleep from a aneurysm two year ago. So Becky moved back in with her Dad to help him cope with the lose of his wife and her mother but ever since then she has been unemployed and looking for work out her in LA. Living off her dad like a burn out loser for the past 2 years. So thinks of this so as Get a Life 2.0 you dig.

Ghost ( RATED T.V. MA )

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A new live action T.V. called Ghost based off the Dark Horse Comic Book Series Ghost. Starring ( Alexis Bledel ) as Elisa Cameron AKA Ghost. An if you want a back story go read some old Ghost comic books because it's a little much to be breaking down on here you dig.

Down By the River ( Rated T.V. MA )

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This new animated comedy series is about Matt Foley is a motivational speaker. An his35 years old ! Who is living off a steady diet ofgovernment cheesehis beenthrice divorced and he is living in avan down by the river ! Each episode will typically start out with Mr. Matt Foley being brought into a specific situation by someone to speak to a group of Troublemakers ( all ages ). An in addition to his dishevelled, overweight, and unstylish appearance, he shouts, frequently loses his temper, disparages and insults his audience, wallows in cynicism and self-pity, and gives a negative motivational message.: "Well, la-dee-frickin-da!", "Whoop-dee-frickin-doo!" i think we have a cartoon that is not only funny and sad but also has lots of heart. An you have plenty of time making this cartoon when your living in a van down by the river ! Now this a cartoon people will eat up am telling you man !

N.W.A. Ringside ( rated t.v 14 )

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A all new N.W.A. pro wrestling t.v show on T.B.S. every Saturday 6pm - 7pm. You know the old W.C.W. show was back in the day. Trust me it's cheap to air and people all over the world will watch each week. an if it's on T.B.S. the ratings will be good. So just do it !

C.H.U.D. ( Rated T.V. MA )

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A new Sci Fi Horror T.V. show very loosely based of the C.H.U.D. movies.A Government experiment to create a race of super-warriors on the homeless using Gray Alien D.N.A. go very awry, and legions of murderous Super-Warriors are unleased upon a surburan neighborhoods of the Pittsburgh PA area aka the PA \ WV \ OH borderlines aka the Ohio Valley ( aka my area ) that the U.S. Government must cover up for good. An so when arash of bizarre murders happen in the area that all seems to point to a group of grotesquely deformed vagrants living in the woods. A courageous independent pro wrestler Chad Bischoff ( Garett Bischoff ) with his sexy news journalist girlfriend Shanis Stickles(Barbara Jean "Barbie" Blankaka Kelly Kelly), and a very out there but funny as Hell nutty ass bum named Jake Hays ( Jake Stetar ), who seems to know a lot about the creatures, the three of them band together to try and determine what the creatures, where they came from, what they are, way they where made and how to stop them and such things in the show very loosely based off the 2 shitty old movies. Or just cast who ever and shoot where ever i don't give a shit just the make the show. But it would be cooler my way a. An yes i can act.

Battle of the Bands

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A new live each week Battle of the Bands show. Because we need good music on the t.v.


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