As we all know by now Ghostbusters 3 in 3D is getting shoot right now this summer in 2013 and will be out May of 2014. ( made by the same guy who made men in black 3. "An there will be time travel in this Ghostbusters movie.) Anywho this is my cast idea.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Ghostbusters 3 3D

Martin Starr as Egon Spangler

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O! Yeah i could see that going down. 

(Me) Jake Stetar as Ray Stantz.

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Yeah when i shave my face i look just like Eddie Spenser jr. from the Filmation's Ghostbusters. "Remember that cartoon?" an if need be i can pull of the Peter Venkman roll 

Adam Devin as Peter Venkman

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Hell he already acts like Peter Venkman so this fits like a glove. But then again i also can play the Ray Stantz roll if need be i guess. But i see him as a Peter.

Jaleel White as Winston Zeddemore

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The Roll Jaleel White was born for my friends. 

Vanessa Bayer as Dana Barrett

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Sexy and Funny so yeah she will do just fine as a young Dana Barrett you dig player! 

"So is there a Roll in there for me"

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Sorry no go on that one Pauly. So Keep on dreaming and mybe one day you will get a movie roll again dude.

Me at 5 Years old ( i was born for this ! )

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Ghostbusting is my life! 

Drink UP because THERE BACK!

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An where going back in time!