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January 10, 2017


These are legit frozen eggs from a too-cold fridge. Don't be a fuck up, ok?

Nobody Understands

What is life anyway? (le sigh)

Drawer Hair

What did you expect?

Fruit Bowl

Contains; 1 bag wontons, 2 duck sauce packets, 1 soy sauce packet, 2 candy canes (possibly fruity), 2 garlic bulbs, and 1 avocado. #winning

The 99%

Yeah I'd be calm if I were rich too, (Liz Lemon eye roll plus "Oh brother").

Cat Charger

He's been plugged in for hours but still not charged...must be an Apple Cat

Don't Tell Me What To Do!

I swear to Gods, the next person who tells me what to do is gonna get it!

Fard on my Face

Fardist? Fartisan? Fardwright? Who knows!

Pickle Art

When life gives you pickles, you write on the table. AmIRight?

Future Self

I thought I was learning French with Duolingo but nay, it's more of a fortune teller app apparently.