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She is only 17 teen 17!

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But legal has never been my dream. ( "I don't care what you do or who you do it with. Just get out!") said her parents, An look at her now. Grate Job! "Hell she told me she was 35."

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Ant nutin but a G thing baby! Tell your momma and daddy baby.

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You see my little man here wants to be a Dr. one day so where teaching him how to check for breast cancer. ("Ok mom am going to need to feel these puppies agian".)

Stil to this day his mother never knew she was pregnant.

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What a little shit.

Just leave the kids with that unemployed fat guy.

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Hollywood types. Puting your kids to work so they can be rich.

Who needs an unempolyed Fat guy when you got duck tape.

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When he get a little older well let him round up the snakes when we go out to do drugs.

First you teach them then you f*ck the living sh*t out of them.

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She has to learn how to mooch some time.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

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O yeah am your thats right am your dad. F*CK! Ok be cool anjust don't tell Skeletor about this.

This is what happens when your gandparents have to rise you.

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O yeah!This was your mothers shirt when she was your age little Jimmy.

This is going strate to Craigs list.

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Remember to let him stick it in your bum. Safety first honey.

Hey it's not child molestation if he enjoys it. Si

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That better not be your sister. Becauseit's bad enuff us hicks out herein W.V get called sister F*CKERS!

Way to go top Mom.

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Don't worry about it babe. Your going to get pergnant a bunch of times. Hell your perganat right now by the looks of it.

O by the way, How did that "purity ring" thing with your kids work out anywayz girl!. snap

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O really, So your a GiLF now A?

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