#6. Sandra Bullock ( 50 Years )

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Well she didn't give birth to her so for the reason her rankings goes from #1 to #10. An hell i take Sandra Bullock over 99% other women in the world , ever if she is a fit 50 years young. 

#5. Gwyneth Paltro ( 42 year old )

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She has two kids , she smokes , she act her butt off , An yet she still looks 22. 

#4. Kate Gosselin ( 40 Years Old )

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Man for being a single mom with 8 kids she is a infinity double stamp on scale for 1 to 10.  Dancing with the stars did that body dang good baby ! 

#3. Tina Fey ( 44 years old )

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A woman with 2 kids , who is forever working hard can't look this good ! But yet she looks younger today here in 2016 then she did back in her S.N.L. days if you ask me. Tina Fey Getting hotter by the day. An that scare she got on her from face when she was 5 year old she got when a creep stranger violently cut her face , make me respect her comedy kills even more. Tina Fey your a goddess and a sweetheart  my love. An keep up he good work champ. 

#2. Jane Karkowski ( 46 Years Old )

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This Cougar MiLF can do it all sing , dance , act , comedy , and she always make it look good in more ways then one };-) no matter she is doing in life. 

#1. Mimi Rogers ( 59 )

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59 year old old with two and rockin body the she has and will show off nude because she knows she is the hottest God d*mn 59 year old this world has or will ever see and you this know man ! Look up Mimi Rogers and you will see for yourself my straight , bi , lesbian friends. Enjoy it.  WOO ! Sweet momma baby ! Now that's the stuff um k !