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in your pants! (my top 3 single stand-up acts of all time) & why i love them so. SO HOT!
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Published August 03, 2011

#3 Janeane Garofalo

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Even with meany years under her belt  of Hard Black out drinking this X bulimic/Bisexual puts punk rock chicks to shame. No matter how senical she gets in life this peace loving cougar will allways have a place in my hart. Truly a 10 and then some. So i give you an A+

#2 Kathy Griffin

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With as meany rich dicks she has had in her over the years this sweethart of all sweetharts could use a regular guy such as my self to be her plummer to clean them pips right. Because Kathy what you do is O so right my love. So i give you #2 for my dream of the 2 of us forever.

Maria Bamford

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Despite her self deprecating stand-up act. I can see right threw that and all i see is a kind harted loving soul that would do anything for anyone. A class act and a all time classic stand-up. Bammer your act is like your looks they are geting better with age if there is such a thing as improving perfection. So thats why your my #1 stunner.