Yana Novak is a Serbian beauty and model for fashion and swimming costume. She is also very smart thinker with political knowlege. She started as an actress when she was very young, and has been in the eye of the people... more »

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Yana discusses sex

Yana is a comic book fan

Yana Loves Animals

Yana loves to discuss politics

Yana is very close to GOD

Yana just got a manicure

Yana loves to shop

Yana is Model

Yana is interested in Botany

Yana has a balanced diet

Yana Loves Fashion

Yana loves a Balcony

Yana Loves Hugh Hefner

Loves a comfy couch

Yana: A natural Beauty

Loves a good Shake Weight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8UjXfo9Uo8