We all knew Skeletor was an a-hole. What we didn't know about was his multiple failed attempts to make friends and fit in... outside of Eternia. The misadventures of Skeletor can be followed at https://www.facebook.com/NotNowSkeletor and http://notnowskeletor.tumblr.com/

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June 20, 2011

Snake Mountain Creeper

Left, Skeletor??? Really?!?!

So You'll Steal The Sword of Greyskull But Not A Damn Sandwich??? Ridiculous.

Stop Singing The Titanic Song, Skeletor! That's Not What I'm Playing!

We're Not Going To Eternia, Skeletor!... Nobody Forced You On This Plane!

You're Wrong, Skeletor... Christopher Robin Will NOT Be Happy To See You.

We Don't Want Or Need Any Bass Guitar, Skeletor! You're On Keyboards... This Conversation Is Over

Skeletor... No One Wants To Come Over Because You Live In A Giant Snake

Don't Act Like You Had A Chance, Skeletor. You Don't Even Have A Face

‎"Neeyah Bumblebee, Panthor gets more miles to the gallon!" "Not Now, Skeletor!"

We Don't Need Your Sorcery, Skeletor... Go Home.

The Snake Mountain Creeper Strikes Again!