We all knew Skeletor was an a-hole. What we didn't know about was his multiple failed attempts to make friends and fit in... outside of Eternia. The misadventures of Skeletor can be followed at https://www.facebook.com/NotNowSkeletor and http://notnowskeletor.tumblr.com/
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Published June 20, 2011

Snake Mountain Creeper

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Left, Skeletor??? Really?!?!

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So You'll Steal The Sword of Greyskull But Not A Damn Sandwich??? Ridiculous.

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Stop Singing The Titanic Song, Skeletor! That's Not What I'm Playing!

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We're Not Going To Eternia, Skeletor!... Nobody Forced You On This Plane!

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You're Wrong, Skeletor... Christopher Robin Will NOT Be Happy To See You.

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We Don't Want Or Need Any Bass Guitar, Skeletor! You're On Keyboards... This Conversation Is Over

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Skeletor... No One Wants To Come Over Because You Live In A Giant Snake

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Don't Act Like You Had A Chance, Skeletor. You Don't Even Have A Face

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‎"Neeyah Bumblebee, Panthor gets more miles to the gallon!" "Not Now, Skeletor!"

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We Don't Need Your Sorcery, Skeletor... Go Home.

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The Snake Mountain Creeper Strikes Again!

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