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Time to Vote (best to view on one page.)
Published November 05, 2012 100 views More Info »

Turst me my sweets he knows whats best for the Ladies of USA.

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So if you vote for this man abortion is a ok my ladies.

it wasn't him.

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Look you all the USA has been in major league debt before most of us where even alive. So deal with that people of the U.S! SO COME ON!

Vote Obama and save a tree.

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An keep this picture in are history books for 4 more years. Because he looks damn good with an evil mustache.

His a man of are own harts.

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Because you never ever trust a man who doesn't drink.

Like i said he knows the ladies };-)

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Because you don't have to be rich to get the girls fella!

Very Nice!

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Did you know his half sister he doesn't know about is the # 4 protitute in all the US of A  Because you see his Daddy was never around. ("An that is way he had to become the ture man that he is today".)

Face the facts the people his the best chance we got.

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Well at least better than Mitt "The Rich Dick" Romney.

Might the force always be with you my friends.

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Come to darkside.

Make your 2012 vote for these men.

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Because they love each other like they love the good old US of mother f*cking A!

There Can Only BE ONE!

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An if you don't vote am sending Chad over.

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