They're everywhere these days: ceilings doing the jobs of ceilings, but should actually be walls. Here ten of them.

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September 02, 2014

Now that's a ceiling that would make a way better wall!

You'd like to lean against that, but you can't because it's being used as a ceiling.

There shouldn't be a fan on this surface. There should be a picture hanging on it, or a shelf, and it should be vertical.

If walls could talk, in this room you'd hear "Get me down from here!"

Sometimes it's just too late: you've got the ceiling already above you, then it dawns on you: that should be the walls! NOT the ceiling.

You'd be much more at home surrounded by that on all four sides than having it over your head.

That's the kind of ceiling where you think "I hope they're just using that as a ceiling temporarily, until the actual ceiling is put in place. Because that just NEEDS to be a wall."

If walls could talk, in this room you'd hear screaming and crying from the misplaced wall above you.

No, this is not some tricky funhouse room meant to mess with your orientation -- it's a living room.

Some architects just don't get it.