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Published June 23, 2012 130 views More Info »

Nope Bush did that.

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And eveyone in office before bush and now your f*cking it up.  "Come on people these man can't even pay off is F*cking college loans and his the man that is going to get us out of dept. Really, Really!" 

He Runs his Country like he runs his hoes.

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"in that he f*cks them hard before passing it off to you." 

Someone has to get me out of dept God Da*n it!

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An a rich fat white bitch could just do the trick. 

4 more years would be very nice!

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smoking! token! snorting! shooting! i party with you. Now do a little dance. Because this is a free country God D*mn it! Now get this man a pack a smokes and some beers stat! 

This is what will happen if Mitt Romney get in.

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Wait they aready do this. Just don't tell the wife. "An i like to watch." 

Watching a Wizards Game will drive anyone to drink.

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At least his been on the wagon. An much like Obama's 4 years so far the wizards talk a good game plan for the future of the team but things only get worse. 

May the force be with you.

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"Can i hit that bong dude?" 

he still got it.

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Bring it on terrorist. For he is the chosen one. 

Things are looking nice and tight for here my lady.

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Hey baby did you know that oval office was made for love making? Yeah sweety pie back when J.F.K was in office at around the time he was banging out marilyn Monroe he remodeled the room for orgies partys. Hell i think getting on with Marilyn Monroe is what got his ass shot.  Well that and being a free thinker and all. If you ask me. 


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Going to get me some old white votes tonight honkies! 

N.W.O 4 LiFE

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JK! F*CK these rick dicks. Obama 2012. 

I told you suckers once before.

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So be kool. PEACE! 

America F*CK YEAH!

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Because freedom is the only way now!  Whatz you going to do brother when Obama comes for you dude!