John Travolta awkwardly kissed Scarlett Johansson on The Oscars' red carpet, because, apparently, he is now a human meme generator.

Just Biden his time.

"I'm a let you finish, but first ... a sloppy kiss."

Cruisin' the red carpet for a hot smooch.

If you believe the rumors, this isn't Travolta's first extra-terrestrial affair.

Travolta had to call in reinforcements.

The Hollywood life can sometime be a drag.


Russian to plant a hot kiss on his main squeeze.

You gotta hand it to him.

"Hey Miley, aren't The Oscars like, really cool?"

Here's hoping this makes up for that whole Adele Dazeem fiasco.

"Ssssh ... You'll bear-ly feel it."

Travolta Family Photo (February 2015)