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Not a single f--k was given that day. Or century.
Published January 27, 2011 260k views Immortal More Info ยป
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Published January 27, 2011

1. Transportation Trouble? No f--ks here.

Old lady crashed original


2. Want to cross me? You know what I don't give...

Grandma%20will%20kill%20you original


3. Accuse me of hoarding toilet paper? Leave your f--ks at the door.

Www.heyokay original


4. Oh, smoking kills? My health insurance will cover all my f--ks.

Unknown(8) original


5. Looking for a party? BYOF. There are none here.

Partying grandmothers 1 original


6. Raising grandkids? I used all my f--ks on your parents.

Partying grandmothers 2 original


7. S-Words and F--ks. No need.

Sean%20connery%20strangle original


8. No waves? The greenscreen will handle the f--ks.

3621 original


9. Want me to make dinner? I'll prepare the f--ks on the side.

Old lady with a gun1 original


10. Shirt? Check. Clown Face? Check. F--ks? None to be found.

Hugs%20not%20drugs original



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