It's 2014, the year of NFL bad boys, Ebola and Kanye West's impending and ongoing idiocy. Let's just say there's a lot you should be scared of right now, so picking a costume this Halloween shouldn't be... more »

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October 07, 2014

Go with the Classics, like Nosferatu

Sometimes it's best to stick with the Horror classics. This dude is crushing it with his Kmart version of Nosferatu. Points for the teeth (hope they're not real.) Put on this costume and let the ladies flock to you!

Be the Slutty Witch and/or 'Vampire'

TrueBlood is off the air. Now we can take back the lazy go-to costumes everyone loves without judgement. All that's needed for this easy ensemble is a skimpy outfit combined with a witch hat. Sometimes the slutty Witch is complimented by a dude with some white face make up and a cape. Congratulations you two, you've done the minimum!

Go with the Spookiest Trends of the Year

How we all yearn for the less scary viral outbreaks of yesteryear, like H1 N1! Ebola has been a real downer, among other things... Also topical, anything related to Kim or Kanye. (NOT suggested: Bruce or Kris Jenner and Charlie Sheen, but whyyyyyyy would you do that?)

Sushi Cat. You're welcome.

It's pretty much impossible to be a cat. Nobody can attain cuteness levels as good as this one. Out of the box costumes are sometimes ok if you pull it off like this cat does. You should just take a minute to soak in the coolness. Treat. Yo. Self.