Nelson Mandela air freshener? I can smell the freedom.

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Trump Steaks

For those hungry for a ateak they absolutely despise (via)

Nelson Mandela Air Freshener

You Can Smell the Freedom (via)

Old Yeller Dog Food

Dead dogs selling dog food. WAY TO MARKET SADNESS, JERKS. (via)

Joe Perry's Hot Sauce

Ignore the Switchblade in the other hand. Pretty par for the course. (via)

Mr. T Cereal

Frightening children since 1980 (via)

Kim Kardashian Toilet Paper

Butt joke. (via)

Mikhail Gorbachev for Louis Vutton

In Soviet Russia, bag douches you. (via)

The Pope's Wine

Like the current Pope's love of condoms, it was totally normal for a Pope to plug some wine. Especially one laced with cocaine. Yeah.

Bruce Willis Cologne

You too can smell like aging. (via)

Smokey Robinson's Pot Roast

I have nothing to add here. But we're all in agreement that Smokey Robinson stopped aging in like 1984, right? Cool. (via)