Sometimes, logos can resemble something vulgar inadvertently. Poor marketing decisions equal brilliant mockery fodder!
By Mikepattonfan (Sean Warhurst) April 22, 2011 17k views More Info
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Published: April 22, 2011

Awhile ago, they unveiled the logo for the 2012 London olympics, and everyone instantly noted just how much the logo resembled Lisa Simpson performing fellatio... Nice. But this was just one of many occasions where a company logo has unintentionally resembled something inappropriate, whether by an oversight by the designer, a cheeky image surreptitiously slipped in by a perverted, deviant developer, or by copious drug use. These are the greatest that the web has to offer... Follow Sean on TWITTER.

Gary Numan fellating a sausage... How avant garde.

It gets GREAT reception!

They penetrated the Chinese restaurant business vigorously...

Also known as "Doggie style".

Insert Catholic priest joke here...

OGC - Obvious Gesticulating Cock.

Filling your cavities at half the price!

Pink taco's are known for that...

Phallic symbolism... "Yawn".

Oh, wait, now it's funny again!

Lisa Simpson fellating London... An oldie but a goldie.

Yeah, it's the OVARIES that attracts me to a woman, not her aesthetics or personality.

For real? another dick? How can they NOT see these?

Docking - The practise of touching the tips of two penises together for sexual pleasure. Look it up.

Chastity Bono is also a philanthropist... This is her first "gift" to the world as "Chas".

Ahhhh, paedophilia and fellatio, two cornerstones of comedy right there.

At least they advocate" interracial" sodomy.

cat anus... The clothing choice for discerning women.

I smell sodomy!

I refuse to believe that absolutely nobody saw this...

Dips 300x250