The F*ck You Pro Wrestling Federation "Hey if the iCP and Bill Corgan can start up there own wrestling federation way not me." (view all on one page.)
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:

Hello an i am your host of the roster they call me Jake Da Bullfrog Stetar.

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Standing in at 5'7 211. "An idon't give two sh*ts."

Big Poppa Pump!

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To allmy freaks out there holler if you hear me!For am your BiG bad booty Daddy!


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Jonny to bad Nirto, Melina! and Joe Mercucy "Cuming at you with a hard as hellNirto Blast for the past on dat ass." BEST TAG TEAM EVER!

Miss. Back Door her self.

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Chyan! "Hellhe looked better whenit was on the juice but i would still let her smack me around an all."

The Vampire Warrior

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Gangrel "Keep Fangin and Bangin."

The Dark Angel

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He smells your fear.

Sunny Sunny

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I know you want me ;-) "She does look damn good for being in her 40s."

The Queen of Extreme

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Lita! "You know what am takin about!"

Terrie Runnels and New Jack

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i know Terrie Runnels gave New Jack and STD and New Jack took a bunch of naked pics of here andthey been incourtover both things but why can'tthey just get over the past and fine the love once more you two. "This is aturef*ckingstory i once meet New Jack at a indie wrestling show in my hoodand igot f*cking trashed as hell with that dude. Hell he was even puking before his match we got so drunk. But i will tell you this much about New Jack and that ishis onemother f*cking hardcore son of a b*tch." P.S i would still f*ck the sh*t out of Terrie Runnels.

Never More.

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The only people am missing from this list are the HeadBangers, 6-Pac aka X-Pac, The Bad Ass Billy Gun, Hardcore Bob HollyandBig Sexy KevinNash "These people are out of work and still alive so lets get them back in action fo sho!." (={O FUPWF 4Life!

NOW HiT my Music!

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AM just a sexy Boy. SEXY BOY!


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Kevin Thron & Ariel are what the FUPWF is all about. ("By the way guys, Lesbians and Bi peepz look up Shelly Martinez aka Ariel she in a 81 minute lesbian dominatrix video thats is f*cking hot and totaly badass and you allcan watch the whole thing for free on PronTube. For Real it's a good one hell i just got done watching it but i feel the need to watch it agian right now.") So PEACE iT!


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