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Demi Moore

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Someone better check on her to see if she is stil alive. Because the i heard she was twicking out bad. 


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"The porn just doesn't pay the bills like it used to these days you know what am sayin."  See you rehab sweethart. 

Harvey Bird Man

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Mr. Harvey Bird "the Birdman" and Space Ghost need to star in the new Adult Swim cartoon "Law is Order" They fight crime in court by day and do a Late Night talk show together by night.  ( you know just mixing to two old shows up together for one 15 min long cartoon t.v show. An then the video games will start getting made.) Because we need to put people back to work and fast  God d*mn it! Or HELL f*ck it all and just bring both shows back with new eps. An show them shows on a weekday that isn't Thursday. 

it's alright because am saved the Bell!

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This man hasn't worked since his guest spot on Always Sunny in Philadelphia 4 years back so for the love of god get this man back on tv some how some way my people. ( mybe put him in the MacGyver movie there making as the top bad guy in it could be pimp.) just put his ass in somthing already by god. 

Old Hilary! Clinton

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Nice job on quiting on Obama so you can "wright your book." Have fun swingin with Bill big sexy.  An feel free to swing by my place ;-) anytime. 

Just Hook it Up for the love of God!

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"He will suck your d*ck for a cheeseburger." or lick for the ladies ;-) "This man hasn't worked since the 90's as an extra on star-trek." Lucky for are boy here there is a new Star-trek in the works right now as you read this.

Soon this little lady will be giving jobs for a living.

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"Miss. Am Trying" Look b*tch it's like Yota once said. There is no such thing as trying it's you do or you don't yeah f*cking dumb*ss Ho-Ho of a cupcake.  Now like lets do some shots!  sidenote: "They should use her on that new show on NBC called Do no Harm as ian's old f*ck buddie. Now that would spike the ratings up yo!"

Like i don't have a job a don't you know?

Sarah palin 5 original

Playboy! Playboy! Playboy! Playboy! Playboy!

An yes even Miss. Kelly Kelly is out of work these days.

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The older you get the harder it is to sleep you way to the top don't you know. So i say have Kelly Kelly make her way into t.v and movies. Am thinking mybe a Rebel on season 2 of Revolution or in a comedy romance hell mybe even a super hero or somthing but god just hook her up with somthing because am missing my Kelly Kelly or what ever her real name is am but hurting bad over her not being on the t.v.

That 70's show stil pays my bills. "drugs are bad"

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Thanks re-runs! For paying for her drug use in 2013. Look all she needs is a chance so hook her up with a job someone because she needs it  really f in bad. + i here she is clean now a days so she is ready for some acting action if you ask me players fo f in sho my man.

What ever Happen to old Bud?

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An now her drinks Bud everyday.  ("O.K here is an ideas This guy, Kelly Kelly, that 70's show crack headed lady, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore and Mr. Belding in a t.v show called "Welcome to no Where" A show placed in a small dead end town where these goofballs just don't leave no matter how bad things get for this town and for there self in life. Because this is all they know.  "A show for the f*ck up in us all".)

Me, Myself and i are out of work and have been for a long time.

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"So yeah FOD i want my cut now!"

Welcome to Harford

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A place where  no no no one one one works and there are no pro sports teams. GOODTiMES!