These are the bone-chilling horror classics torn from the way we live now that are far too frightening to contemplate. But, please, contemplate them anyway.

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November 26, 2011

Invasion of the Economy Snatchers

They came from ivory towers and occupied us. Can we occupy them before it's too late?

Night of the Uninsured Dead

They couldn't make the payments on their health plans, so the system just watched them die. But now they're back. And If you thought they were a drain on the system before, get a load of how they drain you now.

The Taxorcist

He knows that government has become possessed and is throwing up all over him. So he's slashing taxes and with them important community services. We're damned to hell.

War of the Words

Democrat versus Republican. Fox versus MSNBC. When an alien force beats the "L" out of the Worlds, it's a deadly attack on our very beings from the satellite media skies. And there will be no winners!


What in God's name is it? Where is it hiding? Can anybody catch it before it kills us all?