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Published July 15, 2012

They must be from Bonervillage i erection.

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An the best part about swedish girls is that i can not understand one single God d*mn word they are saying at anytime what so ever is f*cking sweetness.

This is the only time i can understand women

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Tap, Tap, Tap goes my weasel {;=O  

Now thats is one mighty fine lookin Brithish women painting if i do say so myself.

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Hey Brithish might not be the best looking typ of a woman but they will F*CK the ever last love out of your ass. + they will smack you around a little to. Yep just the way i like ruff and tuff.

Now Just leave me be for the LOVE OF GOD!

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Am sorry it's just been a really really long ass day peepz. Playing video games all night and day long really takes it out of a man fo sho playerz.

No rest no sleep no food because its game time! ROOF!

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Step across this line and see what happens you dirty little bitches.