You know how when something is so cute you just want to squeeze it's little face forever?

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How cute is this dog? Seriously, I just want to grab its adorable little face and squeeze it so hard I break it's nose. It's just THAT cute.

This little pup is so fucking adorable I want to throw it off a bridge. Does that even make sense? Son of bitch this thing is cute.

I'm not normally a cat person, but I want to eat up this super-sized portions of kitties and shit them out whole just so I can have seconds.

This picture is SO cute. I wish I could step on each and every one of these tiny ducklings with all my weight. It's like the best kind of hug.

So say, hypothetically, I murdered three of these dogs. I think, as long as the others didn't wake up, it would still be the cutest fucking thing ever by a factor of at least 20. Dave, you know what I'm talking about!

I'm crying, because I stabbed myself in the thigh just so I could feel something other than the intense love I have for these two animals.

[single gunshot]