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I rounded up all the sleaziest scumbags, Assholes, and Heels I could find and I'm bringing them directly to your computer screen.
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Published April 20, 2014

David Patrick Kelly as Unger From The Longest Yard(2005)

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The quintessential Prison Rat, Sneaking around telling the Gaurds every play that the Cons have planned. His Worst moment is when He rigs Crewe's (Adam Sandlers) radio with explosives and it causes Chris Rocks Character(Caretaker) to get kiled, Then him and the Warrden try to blame Crewe. You sir are a jerk in my book.

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder.

59c75bc496e26322ef38db0f874bc4ed original

This Guy is Slimier than a snail in snot. He is a lewd, crudestudio executive who treats his assistant like shit and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. By far he is my Favorite from this list.

Alison Arngrim as Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie

D7f1328cc8917f113a9fd7144f7877bc original

This Devious Brat was always causing Problems for Laura Ingalls, Her Smugness leaves her with the word jerk stamped on her forehead in big red letters.

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy From Harry Potter

27311ff3116f7248a791e939cd0a4e48 original

This Wicked wizard has caused so much grief to all around him but there no greater victim of his tyranic behavior than The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter. And as always not far behind Malfoy is his Crabbe and Goyle two jerks in their own right.

Tom Felton as Dodge Landon from Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Fcb73aa763e3b048ff5b39973be88f01 original

Yes Tom Felton appears once again but that only because he plays a jerk so well. This time he plays the son themanager of theSan BrunoPrimate Shelter. The hell that he puts those poor simians though earns him a spot on this list.

Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon From Game of Thrones

2814622f29cded235c07df6ef3fd8f40 original

Don't Worry It's not Tom Felton again, though this is a role I can easily see him in, Joffrey is far beyond a jerk but he is so horrible I couldn't help but to add him to this list.

Miko Hughes as Arron Bailey From Full House

3b24e6b4faccc9bb647b0a40647b8a91 original

I absolutely could not stand this kid, though I did enjoy the fued between him and Uncle Jesse. This kid is Michelle's Part Time Friend and Part Time Bully, I'm Quite positive this kid is pure evil.

Ben Affleck as Shannon Hamilton From Mallrats

362ed8914a4ff285033e1183ed005e9f original

Anybody who has seen Mallrats knows that this guy is no good, First he takes your girl then he jumps you in the hallway when you least expect it. But in the end this jerk gets what's coming to him.

Adam Scott as Derek Huff in Step Brothers

15d9998d71fc0fc17f1c165e47a449f0 original

Sure it's a Brothers job to torment the other, but this jerk takes it too far.

Johnny Fairplay from Survivor

E4b5901aa34d3290fd051980b6bc07d3 original

A Reality TV Jerk. He pretends his Grandmother died so he could get sympathy from the other players, and Thats's just the tip of the jerk Iceberg.

Steve Carell as Trent Ramsey in The Way Way Back

2b37840856a9888704cda857cfcdb420 original

I just saw this movie last night and it really takes Steve Carell away from the Goffy Lovable characters that we are used to seeing him portray, This guy is a complete and total Dickbag.

Pam Ferris as Agatha From Matilda

9ad4698668313652dec39a207864de0d original

Trunchbull is an evil lady who is known for such devious deeds like swinging a girl around by her pigtails, and making a kid over indulge in a rich chocolate cake in front of the entire school.

Will Arnett as Jonathan Ault in Hot Rod

D4988c1792afa99db4141e0d648eac2b original

The Stereotypical Douchebab Boyfriend who always give Rod a hard time because he knows his Girlfriend like Rod Better. Big time jerk.

Milo Ventimiglia as Chad Martin in That's My Boy

E9e0a4443b6be79862e8d4fe117fd4f3 original

A incestousmodern jazz dancer posing as a Marine, You can,t get an worse than that.

Andy Kaufman as Tony Clfton

751357b6ac935e18251b82347a8530be original

A Foul mouthed, cigar smoking , Boozed up lounge singer / insult comic. This Character gave Andy Kaufman an outlet to let his inner jerk shine.

Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen in Back To The Future

8c248b5602b04cb31c2610a30eda6b3f original

The Ultimate Jerk, and as the Movies show being a jerk is written in his genetics.


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