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The dead deserve our respect. Especially those this awesome.
Published February 28, 2011 3.2m views Immortal More Info »

1. Looks like we all found a new hero

6wgxf width 600x

2. Deal with it, Red Coats

Badass well this is easily the most badass gravestone ever width 600x

3. Getting the Last Word

For the more passive aggressive badass 11052 1240868378 26 width 600x

4. Well Said

Middle finger tombstone 20091112 1264359478 width 600x

5. Depends on how you look at it

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6. The Respect he Deserves

Screen shot 2011 02 28 at 9.59.37 am width 600x

7. Yes, Yes, and Yes

Dyingwithstyle width 600x

8. Unreached goal leads to badass gravestone

3467410900 6f94b91cff z width 600x

9. True, but went out with style

177981940 f01e408c43 width 600x

10. Nailed It

Screen shot 2011 02 28 at 9.59.51 am width 600x

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